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Kung Fu

The thorns of a rose defend it and harm only those who would steal its blossom. We learn to destroy, so that we may preserve.



Shaolin has a rich 1,500 year history in China.  Our branch saw its inception over 160 years ago in the Fujian province.


welcome To Somerset Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Imagine a martial art...

that not only teaches you self-defense and conditioning, but helps you master life's daily challenges. Imagine being an integral part of an ancient, living tradition that embodies real world effective applications yet instills a peacefulness that leads you to becoming a true martial artist.

These secrets have been developed, refined, and passed down for over 1,500 years by the famous Shaolin Temple monks of China. These secrets are shared with people like you who simply have the desire to pursue personal growth and fulfillment.

At Somerset Kung Fu and Tai Chi we help you discover your true warrior self. Our teaching philosophy is based on the belief that strength comes from within. Our wellness approach focuses on health, fitness, personal development, and personal safety and is why we are Somerset's premier source for martial arts instruction.

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