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How do you know which studio is right for you?

Our Consumer Information Report will help give you a brief look into our core beliefs as a martial arts academy.  In essence, it is what sets us apart from others. Take a second to get your FREE copy!



that not only teaches you self-defense and conditioning, but helps you master life's daily challenges. Imagine being an integral part of an ancient, living tradition that embodies real world effective applications yet instills a peacefulness that leads you to becoming a true martial artist.


These secrets have been developed, refined, and passed down for over 1,500 years by the famous Shaolin Temple monks of China. These secrets are shared with people like you who simply have the desire to pursue personal growth and fulfillment.


At Somerset Kung Fu and Tai Chi we help you discover your true warrior self. Our teaching philosophy is based on the belief that strength comes from within. Our wellness approach focuses on health, fitness, personal development, and personal safety and is why we are Somerset's premier source for martial arts instruction.


Kung Fu

As Alive Today As It Was Over 1,500 Years Ago.

Shaolin-Do students practice open-hand forms, self-defense, weapons, sparring meditation, strength training and aerobic conditioning. This dynamic approach allows for rapid advancement in fighting skill, balance, dexterity and endurance.

Before attaining black belt, the student will learn 21 long forms covering seven different open-hand systems and six weapons. This curriculum provides a rich background of techniques and styles to call upon.


A Typical Class

Class begins with a formal bow-in. As a group, students are led through drills consisting of kicking, punching, sweeping and blocking. The instructor then teaches or reviews forms that represent the core of the material for the belt rank.


Within this section of the class, there is normally dedicated time for students to practice individually. These are either empty hand or weapons forms. Students also work with partners on self-defense techniques and forms applications. Most classes end with sparring exercises and sparring practice.

Tai chi sitting-2 copy.jpg


Tai Chi Chuan or "Grand Ultimate Fist" is an extremely effective martial art, but is probably best known today for its phenomenal health benefits. Tai Chi's gentle, flowing motions are simple and natural, making the practice of Tai Chi a safe and healthful exercise. The practice of Tai Chi is very low impact making it a perfect discipline for both men and women of all ages. Tai Chi practice involves intense concentration on your immediate activity with an emphasis on complete relaxation. This combination of the mind being focused on the body's soft, fluid movements is one reason tai chi is often referred to as "meditation in motion".  


We are often asked about separate Tai Chi classes.  Our Tai Chi material is part of our larger Kung Fu curriculum.  Although we have offered it separate in the past we highly recommend our traditional class for the best benefit. It gives you the hard and the soft, the Yin and the Yang, if you will. It is very accessible to everyone.


Somerset's premiere kung fu school, teaching the 1,500 year old art of Shaolin. Specializing in animal systems, weapons, self defense, meditation, tai chi, hsing i, and pa qua. Our wellness approach focuses on health, fitness, personal development, and personal safety and is why we are Somerset's premier source for martial arts instruction.

meet the staff


Meece Karate 3.JPG

Master Chris Meece

Owner and Chief Instructor

Master Chris is celebrating his 39th year in the martial arts and currently holds his 6th degree black belt.  


Misty Meece

Owner and Office Manager

Along with being a student Misty also manages our office assisting our students with memberships, gear sales and day to day operations.



606-677-6997  |

400 Denham Street, Somerset, KY 42501

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